bitmapped graphics

bit mapped graphics cabn’t be strtched ior compressed in the quality that a phicture is taken in and so the picture has to lose some clarity and become pixeled in order to have a smaller file size

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laws of protction of networking


data protecion act

terroism act

disability and discriminaton act

  • Computer Misuse Act
  • Copyright Design and Patents Act

laws of protcti…

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the processor

the mru is the memory registry unit which handles some of the computer processing as well as the mar which deals with the binary number adress of the piece of information needed.

alu is short for the athrinitic and logical unit which deals with all the calculation the processor needs to deal with

all the information dealt with is sent along little cables called buses which reach all p[arts of the processer

the conrol unit makes sure each part of the processor is doing its job

likewise the control bus deals with all the buses and make sure they are going to the right places

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R.I.P. steve jobs

goodbye steve jobs

the creator of a the business of  apple never be the same again

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documention evalution and maintence

The documentation stage is when you write down or keep a record  of what you  have done to the program and if it matches to what the software spec has said.

evaluation is when you see if the program is up to the standard needed or what is needed by the client.

maintebce is are you abl;e to keep thois program running diue to cost or other factors.

documentationis also if thre is none then the programs have no idea what the client wanted and make thier own interpetution

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The testing stage of software development: testing when you are given a program and makes sure the program is workingProperly plus make sure the majority of the bugs are out of the program since you can’t be sure all the bugs are gone a preach point is needed if the program runs but doesn’t work properly  and runs the code to certain point the programmers choice and lets you see what the problem is.


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software delevopment stages

the software development sages are
the first three i will go into more detail on this blog

analysis is when the software ananlysist meets with a client and puts the requirments on a software specification wich also acts as a contract if any one goes back on the agreement.

designis when a team of programers use what the clinet wants and tries to create a viable option for the client hile using the software spec if stuck.

implementation is when the programers see if the design is what the client wants and whiether it meets all the needs of the programme

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